Saturday, September 6, 2008

What Happens

So today i have pondered the thought of why Motley Crue is one of my favorite bands. Is it because their members die like everyday or is it because of those bitchin tunes about smoking in a boys bathroom no it cant be that because that isnt even their song it is by some band that luckily found its way into obscurity. Maybe its because everytime i see a picture of any of the band members of the CRUE a certain thought comes to mind.

Mick Mars (he totally plays the guitar or maybe its the flute nope thats a guitar. FUCK!)-So this is what a skeleton twat farting looks like

Vince Neil (trust me he is the one singing)- Oh cool i never thought i would ever be able to see what failure looked like after it got rubbed with ham

Tommy Lee (OMG!! he plays drums LOL!! oh yeah and he's got a huge boner (for himself))-So if i were to a bite out of a rotting horse carcass this is what i get. I am going to throw up!?!?!?

Nikki Sixx (look at me i am doing heroine and i play bass, did i mention i am doing heroine..... yep still doing heroine)- Holy shit that asshole looks like Nikki Sixx what an unfortunate asshole. Oh wait that is Nikki Sixx... that suxx

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Duck Bills said...

If you ever want to see two fat Nikki Sixxes IN THE SAME BAND (the one with black hair will ask you where to get coke, then meth, and then he will proclaim, "This town sucks;" the blonde one is a fairly nice dude, although he seems to think Dimmu Borgir is a black-metal band), check out RUKKUS of Campbell, California!
Or don't!
(I recommend you don't.)