Saturday, September 6, 2008

*COVER* Cremation 186 - Wuthering Heights

Download Plaza - Cremation 186 - Wuthering Heights
Seeing that we're three very lazy people we decided to start our recording process with testing out a few recording techniques on some tracks previously familiar to us. This eventually led to the idea of pumping out a whole CD of just bonus covers to throw out for fun at shows. So far, the only track we've confirmed/recorded was a piece by our dear friends from Cremation 186. The song is Wuthering Heights, and HERE IT IS!!!!.....!

There will be more up soon, including some original stuff (we hope). We're most likely going to use this blog as a means to test run songs and ideas before we put the final touches on them, so feedback is not only welcome but requested. We'll also hopefully be getting some vids up soon, so you all can freak out. I freak out.


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dlaug10 said...

the sludgy parts are sludgier. i dig. also, does kathy=mommy?