Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week whatever

So, it's September 6, and everything is going well. Boise is nice but it's starting to get cold early. which ussually means something shitty for every one living in the north. (that is unless your ted dawson and your soul has already been lost to father winter).
As for some real buisness, this page is mostly for my own entertainment. If anyone reads it feel free to coment on it. Tell me how your adventure at JC Penny was, tell me more about how you ran into that guy who could totally pass for Luke Wilson. Honestly, no-one that lame will be checking this , only indie hipster douchebags probly ("Me, I mostly just listen to Things from Midwestern Rhode Island"-Indie hipster Douche"Oh really I've never heard of them"-Uninformed Asshole).
Anyway, on to the purpose of this. I want to document the progress of our writing, recording, showzing,jamming, and so on. Yes, this is about as self-indulgent as claiming to listen to "things from midwestern wherever" but regardless it will make for another way to hate myself for writing about why the new myspace interface is cheezy or sleezy or cute...or all fingerlicking three!
..And as for the real news... Plaza is recording songs.! there you have it grandure in the news!
Actually its pretty cool. We're in the process of wraping up one song and starting a new one, all for the awesome LP we'll be trying to put out later, probly by winter hopefully. It's actually a split Lp with some of our friends from Idaho Falls (Great Gugahmuga! how obvious can I make this). Also, We're finishing a cover (actualy at this moment) of a Cremation 186 song, that we are hoping to throw on a CD with some other covers as a bonus CD for whatever EP we release with a super long monotonous title and very little emotional value to us. (Fucking Bow Down!)
But thats all future talk right now.

I also want to take the oppurtunity to say that we may have other plans for this blog.

Maybe alittle convincing to get austin back on track for his web comic and maybe having william post some awesome rants about music and life and reading action mystery supspence novels or something, and maybe well get around to posting some old films we have made ourselves and with freinds. Thats all naysay anyway.


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