Sunday, September 7, 2008

The man who screamed "i" at the people of earth.

Today I discovered something, without health insurance I, Ryan Tyler De La Rosa, am worthless to the world around me. I am in the midst of having my health insurance canceled due to the fact that I was indescisive when picking classes for the fall semester and am now enrolled in few credits. Because I have come to the conclusion that I can't stand being a self indulgent music-fuck like those I share classes with, I am re-thinking my major.

For me, I realized a large majority of things today. I think life is unenjoyable for the masses. I watch practically every adult figure in my life stress through every unimportant desision they make because every one before that was horrific.

I cannot fucking stand watching all these worthless people do the same thing.

School (the majority of one's life) Partying.Job. Mistakes. Getting married.Gettting paid. Having kids.Going to church. Paying taxes. Having more kids. Going to church. Having grandkids. Going to church. Dying.

I wouldn't mind if I had the chance to change things up a bit for my own life. I have so many aspirations at this point, maybe teaching english in japan, maybe teaching english or communication in america, studying philosophy, learning history, and most of all, I want to play music with my friends.

I need to do that more than anything, all other roads are backups for me. Though I will most likely come away from school with a degree, I really think it will be years before I use it. I want to make people get up and do something positive, "i" want to get up and do something positive. Honestly, I don't feel like it is nessacery for me to work a nine to five to make money and be happy. I know that there is no reason for me to sit by and let my mind stay idle. "I" am going to graduate college with a bitchin' degree and I am going to play music with my friends for as long as I possibly can.

There is so much more I want to say, and I will say it eventually.

Ryan De La Rosa

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Duck Bills said...

You are perfectly capable of making yourself happy; like the dog who chooses the whiter of the two socks to chew (sorry, I am watching television), you are wise enough to recognize which decisions will take you farther along your journey to self-actualization (or at least to Funkytown).