Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Case of the Information Super-highway: Searching, the Fun Way!

So for about an hour I have been entering off-the-top-of-the-head URLs into my web-browser. Most of them lead to boring, place-holder sites, but there have been a few winners. These are the champion:

3. this re-directs to CHASE/harris Corp., which is a septic maintenance company in North Grafton, Massachusetts. I am slightly relieved, but I am also disappointed.
2. I think you know exactly what this is.
1. (I hope you have pop-up blocker): this is both the pinnacle of web design and the apex of civilization. Now that I have discovered, I may as well discover an early grave, because never again will anything make me feel so alive and free.

I would like to recommend that you do not visit (not linked for reasons, such as I think it is a bestiality site [I could tell even though all of the images were broken], and it will probably install a prize on your computer for free, oh thank you!).

Peace trout, internet!


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